Why Ladero?/OLD

A Great Solution Made Better with a Verifiable Process

At Ladero, our entire business is built around trust—and that starts with a solution that does what we say it does, effectively and efficiently. Why? Because protecting your family and friends, your employees, and your customers, it’s the most important thing to all of us. 

When we use the term “solution,” we mean the word in both definitions: Chemically, a solution is defined as a homogeneous mixture composed of two or more substances, while mathematically, a solution is the process of determining the answer to a problem. Our proprietary product and our method of applying it are both of those things.

The Science of Disinfection

Our proprietary blend is a hospital-grade, EPA-approved disinfectant. It can be applied virtually anywhere, including both soft and hard surfaces. Our formula works by using positively charged ions to kill microbes mechanically, as opposed to using chemical means. When used properly, it is sprayed on a surface and then allowed to dry. We then test surfaces to ensure the disinfectant has been effective.

The process creates an invisible biostatic shield on every surface, and this positively charged polymer acts as a barrier that continues to disinfect. When additional microbes, including bacteria and viruses, make contact with the surface, they are rendered inert. As an added benefit, the treatment eliminates odors and inhibits mold growth. Because it contains no toxic chemicals, it is not harmful to people or pets.

Military Precision Meets Health and Wellness

Clients who work with us get the full benefit of our Ladero Stop Light Disinfecting Process, which includes the full, effective coverage of electro-static spraying in a system born from military precision. The result is an efficient system that ensures the cleaning process touches every surface with pre-application testing, an electrostatic spray of our proprietary disinfectant, and a post-application test to confirm the effectiveness of the treatment. Because we use a color-coded tracking system to make certain that every surface gets the full treatment, it’s a truly custom solution that works for any business who wants to host customers with confidence. But it doesn’t stop there: We also conduct random spot tests between applications to determine the disinfecting frequency warranted by each individual business.

With health and wellness expertise and the precision of a military background, Ladero's team has developed a rigorous disinfection process that meets the highest standards. Here’s how it works:

First Step: A red marker on any surface means that area has been tested, but not yet applied. This establishes the baseline prior to disinfection. The application team knows that this surface is ready for the Ladero solution to be applied. Clients will never see red markers in their facilities—we don’t leave them behind.




Second Step: A yellow marker on the surface means that the disinfectant has been applied. After it has been allowed to dry, that means the surface is ready to be tested. The yellow markers are signals for our application team to continue the process, and conduct surface testing at the appropriate time—ten minutes. Clients do not see Ladero’s yellow markers in their facilities, because we collect them as part of our process.


Third Step: A green marker indicates that the application has been completed and the surface has been disinfected, and the bio-static shield has been activated. That means the ATP testing was conducted after the initial treatment and the surface rating is zero, meaning the surface is free of germs, viruses, and other microbes.


When clients work with Ladero, we plan four random tests in the first month after the initial treatment. This helps us to understand how our durable protective bio-static shield holds up. After all, not every business is the same, and some see more customer traffic and high-touch areas that may benefit from a reapplication. 

Our clients are businesses that need customers who feel welcome and confident that they are going to stay healthy, and our growing client list includes hotels, airlines, casinos, parking facilities, fitness centers, and more.

Who We Are 

We take pride in what we do, and we’re passionate about using our unique product and skill set to help others build trust. After all, we want what’s best for our friends and neighbors. Because we have a collective background that comprises a deep understanding of health and wellness, as well as military systems and precision, we know how to get the job done.

Jason Ferguson is Ladero's Chief Executive Officer and Co- Founder. He oversees Ladero's national operations, strategic partnerships and the company’s pro-bono initiatives. He is devoted to aligning the Ladero brand with like-minded stakeholders and businesses. He is passionate about holding his certified applicators to the highest cleaning standard. Ladero associates itself with only the best in its products, people, and processes. Ladero distributes the only proprietary antimicrobial product on the market that disinfects, eliminates odor, inhibits mold, and continues to work after it dries. Jason developed his passion for high standards and effective processes from the nine years he served as a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps. The lessons he learned as a leader in high-stress situations have contributed to the standards, practices, and processes that serve as Ladero’s foundation. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from UC San Diego, a Master’s Degree in Management from the University of Redlands and an MBA from the University of Redlands.

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Kathleen Ferguson is Ladero’s Chief Marketing Officer and co-founder. She has been leveraging her sales and marketing skills in the Health and Fitness industry for more than ten years and most recently held a seat at the leadership table with Active Interest Media's Fitness Group (IDEA and Oxygen Magazine), as the Director of Sales. This experience helped to position Kathleen to co-found and launch Ladero, and she will continue her mission to inspire others to live a healthier lifestyle, including the promotion, education, and awareness of Ladero Clean to eradicate viruses and microbes through Ladero's proprietary disinfecting technology.

Rachel Puglia is Ladero’s Director of Strategic Partnerships. She is passionate about understanding business partners’ needs and delivering individual solutions to help them reach their goals. Her expertise in business development helps Ladero’s partners maximize brand awareness, increase sales, understand the needs of their market, and reach their target audiences. Her experience as a brand-activation strategist, sales operations coordinator, marketing coordinator, and social-media manager means she understands the concepts that get partner businesses in front of an active roster of customers. In addition to her professional experience, Rachel lives with an autoimmune disease so healthy living plays a big factor on how she feels day to day, and disinfecting and sanitizing her environment is a key part of her life, since she is at higher risk.